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About this app

SparkAI, created by Communityone, is a chatGPT-powered Discord engagement bot that increases community engagement by providing instant answers to your community's questions from your whitepaper and FAQ.

Getting Started

  1. Install the SparkAI Miniapp from the Collab.Land Marketplace
  2. Upload a .txt document about your project using /spark-test-config

The document must be .txt text file with a maximum of 2000 words. This may be updated in the future.

  1. Start testing using /spark-test-ask
  2. Once all is ready, use /spark-config to upload the same document and let your members play.
  3. Now /ask is available to all members.


CommandAdditional ParametersDescription
/spark-help-See the list of commands related to SparkAI
/spark-test-config-Add context for Spark's knowledge without changing the main environment
/spark-test-ask-Ask something privately using Spark's test context
/spark-config-Configure Spark's knowledge uploading a .txt file (utf-8 encoded)
/askprivateAsk something and get a reply based on ChatGPT knowledge base and the context added by spark-config command. Set the private option to True to make bot response private.