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Collab.Land Governance

COLLAB is the governance token of the Collab.Land Co-op. Every COLLAB token represents a vote in Co-op governance.

The primary duty of COLLAB holder governance is to ensure the growth and stewardship of the Co-op by managing parameters of Collab.Land. This includes:

  • Miniapp Marketplace parameters like submission fees, bug bounties, and more
  • Distributions from the Co-op Treasury
  • Making changes to the Collab.Land Co-op Charter
  • Voting on requests for budgets

Changes to parameters will increasingly undergo Collab.Land Co-op governance process as part of progressive decentralization and are voted on by COLLAB token holders.

Collab.Land Charter

The Collab.Land Co-op Charter is the membership agreement for participation in Collab.Land governance. It can be changed through governance proposals.

Individuals' membership may be revoked for violations of the Charter.

DAO Pass

The Collab.Land Co-op requires holding a DAO Pass NFT for that wallet to participate in governance. It is also a consideration for defining circulating supply, Quorum requirement, and proposal threshold parameters of the governor smart contracts.

The DAO Pass is a soul-bound NFT that is a on-chain marker of membership in the Collab.Land Co-op. Membership is defined in the Collab.Land Charter and membership can be revoked for violations of the Co-op Charter.

The DAO Pass smart contract address is 0xfc130bEA3Caba3e97db9D18c4AC5e2478c4eb996 on Optimism.

DAO Members

Only DAO Members (wallets that hold a DAO Pass) are eligible to particpate in governance. Members:

  • Hold 10 or more COLLAB in a wallet
  • Have minted a DAO Pass Membership NFT to that same wallet

Governance Toolkit

The major tools for Collab.Land governance are:

Governance contracts

Collab.Land governance uses a fork of Compound's Governor Bravo smart contracts.

Collab.Land's deployed governance contracts are on Optimism.