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Collab.Land's governor contract is a modified variant of Compound's governor bravo contract, deployed on Optimistic Ethereum for Collab.Land governance voting.

Governor contract parameters

Governance TokenERC20 $COLLABERC20 token on Optimistic Ethereum
Voting Typesimple token-weighted, 1 token = 1 voteCOLLAB tokens must be held in (or delegated to) wallets that hold a membership DAO Pass
Voting Cycle2/7/5 daysVoting delay 2 days, Voting period 7 days, Execution delay 5 days
Quorum Requirement1.39M COLLAB, 10% of circulating supply, defined as COLLAB held in wallets also holding DAO Pass0.139% of total supply as of 05/26/23, to be updated seasonally
Proposal Threshold695,000 COLLAB required to create proposal on governor contractTo be updated seasonally to be 50% of Quorum Requirement