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The $COLLAB token serves as the governance and utility token for the Collab.Land ecosystem, embodying the key value of decentralization. As an integral part of the Collab.Land DAO, token holders have a significant say in governing the ecosystem through voting on feature requests, curating the marketplace, and offering bounties. By owning COLLAB tokens, individuals can actively participate in shaping the future of Collab.Land by voting on proposals, engaging in discussions, and contributing to the ecosystem's development.

Token Details

COLLAB is an ERC20 token minted on Ethereum and bridged to Optimistic Ethereum. The token contract address is 0x8B21e9b7dAF2c4325bf3D18c1BeB79A347fE902A on Optimism.

COLLAB airdrop

The details are online at the Token FAQ.