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MemeMarket - Meme Contests

Meme Contests for your Community

About this app


Customized Meme Contests are easier and more fun than ever before. Hosting a dank Meme contest is one of the most effective ways to engage a community, connect with people online, and this bot is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Check out some of the Meme Contests hosted by other Discord servers to draw inspiration for your own contest here

This bot automates the processes of tracking who submitted memes, who voted on which memes, who's winning, when the contest starts and ends, prizes or giveaways for winners and presents results in a slick UI inside your server with quick commands. There is ALSO a customized, browser-based Leaderboard page with a unique link just for your Server set up automatically when you schedule your contest.


  1. Start promoting your Meme Contest 2+ weeks before it commences to build buzz and momentum
  2. Promote your Meme Contest in an Announcement on your Server, on all your social accounts, and ask people in your community to share on their socials as well
  3. Offer a prize to the creator of the winning Meme to add a layer of fun competition into the mix
  4. Don't be too strict with the rules, let people just have fun with their creations and see where things go, you might be happily surprised :)
  5. Tag @MemeMarketHQ on Twitter and Instagram when you promote your contest and we'll support your event by sharing on our socials as well

For support, reach out to any of the following:

Discord: Meme.Market Discord
Twitter: @MemeBrains