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About this app

The ChainPatrol Miniapp gives your community members access to security tools to check URLs for scams and report malicious activity on your Discord server. Use the /chainpatrol <sub-command> commands to empower your community to protect themselves and others from phishing attacks and scams.

Getting Started

To get started, install the ChainPatrol Miniapp from the Collab.Land Marketplace.

Your community members can then use /chainpatrol check to check suspect URLs against the global scam list if they see any suspicious messages.

They can also report scams to ChainPatrol using the /chainpatrol report command and we'll investigate the report. If we find the report to be credible, we'll add the URL to our global scam list that is used by wallets like Coinbase and MetaMask to protect all of Web3. Help us protect the whole Web3 community by reporting scams to wallets!


Reports are sent to the ChainPatrol team for review without optional configuration.

Reach out to the ChainPatrol team to get a custom admin dashboard associated to your server where admins can review reports and track which community members are helping protect your server.


/chainpatrol checkCheck a URL against ChainPatrol's blocklist of known phishing sites.
/chainpatrol reportReport a scam URL to ChainPatrol. Once configured, reports will show up in your custom admin dashboard on ChainPatrol with the Discord username associated with the report.