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Guest Pass

To get started with Guest Pass, you first need to install the app from the Collab.Land Marketplace. Once installed, you can find the Guest Pass app on the left-hand side of your screen, under installed apps.

Install Guest Pass

Create a Guest Pass

To create your first Guest Pass follow these steps:

Create a Guest Pass
  • Select the "Add a new guest pass +" button.
  • Name the Guest Pass
  • Select the Discord role(s) you want to be assigned to members who receive the Guest Pass
  • Choose the expiry time, which can be set to 1, 7, 30, or 60 days.
  • Click “Save”

You have now created your first Guest Pass, now it’s time to assign it!

Assign a Guest Pass

Create a Guest Pass

To assign a Guest Pass to a member of your Discord server, simply right-click on the member's username and select "Apps." From there, choose "Guest Pass." Collab.Land will then post a message in the channel you are currently in, with a dropdown menu to select the name of the Guest Pass you want to issue to the member.

Once you have selected the desired Guest Pass, the role assignment process will begin automatically. The member will receive the role(s) you specified when you created the Guest Pass, and the Guest Pass will be valid for the duration of time you set when configuring the Guest Pass.

After the Guest Pass expires, the member will automatically lose the roles that were assigned to them, making it a seamless and worry-free way to manage temporary access to your Discord community.

If the Guest Pass is tied to a TGR, then the member will not need to hold the underlying token, and the role will be assigned as long as the Guest Pass is valid.

Why should I download the Guest Pass?

In conclusion, the Guest Pass app is a powerful and flexible tool that makes it easy to manage temporary access to your Discord community. Whether you are a seasoned Discord admin or new to managing a server, the Guest Pass app is the perfect solution for granting temporary access to specific roles and permissions.