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Give and receive kudos in form of verifiable credentials as a way to show appreciation for each other within a community.

About this app

This Miniapp is a fun and easy way for members of your community to show their appreciation for each other. With this miniapp, you can give and receive kudos in the form of verifiable credentials. This means that your kudos are verifiable, giving them more value and meaning than traditional kudos systems.

Whether you want to recognize someone for their contributions to the community, or just for being a great friend, our Miniapp makes it easy to show your appreciation and support. Try it out today and start giving kudos to the people who matter most to you!

Kudos in a Discord server


/kudos show

Show last 3 kudos given to you

/kudos give (to, prefix, kudos, [url])

Give kudos to someone in the community by filling in the blank after the prefix.