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What is the Collab.Land token?

The $COLLAB token is a governance and utility token used within the Collab.Land ecosystem. It represents the core value of decentralization and is an essential part of the Collab.Land DAO. The DAO governs the ecosystem through voting on feature requests, offering bounties, curating the Marketplace, and more.

Holders of the $COLLAB token are part of the Collab.Land DAO and play a critical role in the governance of the ecosystem. They can participate in discussions, vote on proposals, and help shape the future of Collab.Land.

$COLLAB is a coordination tool to align interests around the Collab.Land Marketplace and allow for distributed voting on how to change it via the Collab.Land DAO. The value it holds reflects the value of the Collab.Land Miniapp Marketplace.

The token claim began on February 23, 2023 on and will end May 23, 2023 at 6pm MST.

Who is eligible?

The following four groups are eligible for a sponsored claim. A sponsored claim means that Collab.Land is not requiring claimants to pay gas. This also means that no wallet connection is required.


If a site that appears to be Collab.Land asks you to connect your wallet to claim $COLLAB, it is a SCAM. The $COLLAB token claim does not require a wallet connection.

  1. Verified Community Members in Discord or Telegram
  2. Collab.Land’s Top 100 Discord communities based on membership, longevity, and activity. Top 100 communities list
  3. Collab.Land Patron NFT holders (token numbers 0-141)
  4. Collab.Land Membership NFT holders (token numbers 0-28313)


  • For groups #1 and #2, the snapshot was taken on 02/14/23.
  • For groups #3 and #4, NFTs can each claim $COLLAB once. Holders of the tokens at claim time can claim, there is no snapshot for the Collab.Land NFTs.

If you don't know how to claim the $COLLAB token, click here.